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The equestrian industry is on the rise in Australia and since the start of the internet and the digital age more and more people go online to find horse related products and horses for sale. Therefore exists to serve the horse community with information in relation to horse events, ads, and other horse related services. 

Photo: Cavalletti


Cavalletti was established in 1998 because of the need for horse related advertising that was up to date and easily accessible. Both photos and videos of horses for sale can be uploaded to allow for potential buyers to view the horses (and products) in both picture and video form. Cavalletti has grown significantly in the last 20 years and have featured many top horses and ponies for sale. Cavalletti is especially used for sale ads in Western Australia and known as the go to marketplace for horses in the area. Cavalletti also have other areas developed online including a business directory, free on-line programs, and free advertising for used gear. It also has a listing for clubs, special events coming up, and a blog.

The Website -

The website sells horses, saddlery, horse trucks and drawn vehicles, pets, and other livestock. Cavalletti breaks it down between studs, stallions, and ponies based on age, new and used goods. The description of the horse will describe its age, breed, gender, and location of the horse. There is also a asking price from the owner with contact information, date of upload and last update will also be on the page. You can also find links to the video on YouTube of the horse.

For those who are applying to advertise, the cost varies and once paid, the photo ad will be uploaded within 24 to 48 hours. The photo ad will remain online until it is sold. While most of the listings are in all states of Australia -  there has been buyers from the United Kingdom and from the United States. Please note - be careful with offers for horses over emails as online fraud is common today. Make sure you report any suspicious emails or listings to Cavalletti.

Photo: Cavalletti

Cavalletti is still improving themselves in all areas with the number of listings and visits rising every week, as well as the support from the entire equestrian community. Cavalletti is moving onward and has achieved some goals along the way with the development of a secure database and sending email notifications to users that sign up. In addition, the website has gone mobile with the rise of users looking up their smart phones for information. Cavalletti is a site with a clean presentation feasible for mobile use and development continues with users now being able to login and advertise on their mobile.