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Australian Stock Whip

Australian stock whips are becoming more and more popular worldwide due to their durable material (kangaroo or Redhide leather) and the fact that they are usually hand made and comes in a range of sizes and designs to suit your individual needs. It can be confusing searching for the perfect Australian stock whip when you are first starting out, as you need to consider the thong, cracker, fall and handle sizing and material.

Kangaroo hide is durable and lightweight which is why its usually the leather of choice for stock whip makers all over Australia. There are more and more overseas manufacturers offering cheaper options made in Australian stock whip designs. However they usually don't last long as users can quickly determine the difference from a quality whip and a cheap manufactured one. Things to look for: is the whip australian made, what leather was it made of, is the weight of the whip leveled or unbalanced, does the thong handle all types of cracking or are some techniques not possible due to its poor design, have a closer look at the plait (can you see glue in between or inconsistencies). 

We have listed the top 3 Most popular Australian stock whips right now:

1) Affordable & Beginner friendly - The Red Hide Stock Whip 


This stock whip suits beginners who are just starting out. Shorter stock whips (4 foot by 4 plait) is a faster whip for tricks. Hence its easier to use for inexperienced stock whip users. They are usually also the Number 1 choice for kids due to its shorter length.

2) Quality prioritized - The 12 Plait Nemeth Kangaroo Stock Whip


 If you want the best of the best - we recommend the 12 Plait Australian made kangaroo stock whip made by Nemeth. It is currently on sale and comes in 3 sizes (6 foot, 7 foot or 8 foot). This stock whip will last you for years as it is the top of the line of all stock whips. 

3) All round - use both on foot and in saddle - The 6 foot Stock whip


The 6 foot stock whip is usually the choice for people who need an all round whip to both use on foot and in the saddle. It is not too long or too short. It is the approved length for Australian competitions and is not too fast or too slow when performing tricks.