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Arabian horse vs. English horse

The difference between the Arabian and the English horse
The most distinguishing aspect about the Arabians is their looks. Their dished face, a neck that is long and arching, carriage on the high tail and a head that is finely chiselled make their physical appearance not only appealing but also elegant. The overall appearance portrays a sense of nobility, energy, courage and intelligence. Whenever an Arabian trots the world interprets it as a display of pride and grace. The Arabian gained their elegant appearance due to the fact that those who bred them maintained the pure breed due to lack of adequate funds to crossbreed.
The English horses on the other hand have been subject to multiple cross breeds which have resulted to the production of many breeds. Their looks are very similar to that of many horse breeds but very different from that of the Arabian horse. The Arabian horses are the one breed of horses that has remained almost unchanged over the years. The main distinctive difference between the initial breeds and the ones available today is that those in the present day appear to be a bit smaller. The origin of the Arabian is still an issue that many individuals do not totally agree on.

There are some archaeologists who claim that initially the Arabian was a wild horse that was found in the northern regions of Syria and the south of Turkey. They claim that these regions in addition to Iraq are a fertile crescent that runs along the Euphrates and on the west is the Sinai and Egypt which provide an ideal environment that facilitate horse breeding. The ideal environment for horses is one that has adequate rainfall but not too wet either. The riverbeds in the region were the source of pasture of these horses. The creatures that existed during this era were not domesticated and belonged to the residents of the south west region of south Arabia. The English horses on the other hand are rare breeds that have been inexistence for many decades. The breed has undergone very many changes over the years hence the many breeds which are available today. There are some types of breeds that have eventually become extinct or rare surviving breeds such as the Dales pony, Hackney pony, Hackney horse, Cleveland Bay Eriskay pony and the Suffolk punch. Some of the most popular English horse breeds since the evolution began include the Shetland, highland, Fell and Dales, English thoroughbred, Shire, Welsh mountain, Welsh cob, Exmoor, Dartmoor, the New forest and Connemara breeds.