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Alycia Burton - A daredevil Equestrian!


Alycia Burton is an intrepid rider with daredevil skills. She can ride bareback which she has perfected to the level of an art. A few years back, she had posted images of herself posing along with Classic Gold rush (A Palomino Paint horse) which became so popular and viral on YouTube that she became a sensation on the internet. Both Alycia Burton and her horse can jump up to 1.70 meter. She is a full time professional horse trainer who is highly specialized in free riding. Furthermore, she is actively involved in all the major events held in Auckland, New Zealand.

Alycia who was born and brought up in New Zealand comes from a small noble family with her parents and three elder brothers. She dropped out from school ealry with no plans on pursuing higher studies. Due to her sheer will and dedication towards her career and horses, she decided to lease a twenty acre property in Karaka where she decided to train horses that no one wanted to convert them into rideable friendly horses.

Free Riding of Alycia

The free riding of Alycia is very distinctive since she does not follow the basic training principles. She has even released a documentary, which was meant to educate the viewers to highlight the relationship and trust between a rider and a horse.

Alycia has recently launched plenty of DVD's and CD's which includes self-made youtube videos. The viewers can enjoy the free riding videos. Back in 2014, Alycia Burton and her horse were focusing on entering Guinness World Record in the category 'Free Jumping'. She commented that 'Extreme riding is a touch of madness'. 

Growing Up With Horses

Alycia Burton grew up amongst horses in her home country New Zealand. However, her interest in horses was kindled much later. Unfortunately, during the interim period, she became a victim to drug abuse and lost all interest in living a full life. Alycia Burton gave up schooling when she was aged fifteen. One fine day, when she was on her way back home passing through the City Impact Church; she uttered the words to God "I'm done. What are you going to do with me now?" It was those vulnerable moments, which turned the course of her life. Alycia Burton frequently attended the events organized by the church, which ultimately inspired her to begin a new career by working with horses.

According to Alycia, a sense of excitement stirs up while riding horses. This type of euphoria helps in stimulating the mind, body and soul when compared to alcohol consumption. At present, Alycia focuses on educating young equestrians all over the world about coming from a tough background, and believing in yourself.

About Classic Goldrush


Classic Gold rush was bred exclusively for the racing industry, which is big in New Zealand. Unlike other horses, Gold rush was extremely difficult to manage. Considering this, he was gelded young. One of the unique characteristics of Classic Gold Rush is that it prefers to stay with people. As a result, it is quite difficult to either stable or yard Gold Rush unless there are people or horses standing besides him, as he suffers from separation anxiety.

Alycia said that when she was working with other horses, Classic Gold Rush likes to watch her whole day scanning each moments of her activity. Albeit Classic Gold rush pretends to be a schoolmaster, he is extremely difficult to ride since he is very sensitive and reactive. This horse has a special ability to pick up the behaviour patterns of each rider. 

Another unique characteristic about Classic Gold rush is that it cannot be either forced or bullied to execute a particular activity, everything needs to be on his terms. Alycia says that her horse is her best friend since he forgives her whenever she makes any mistakes. Goldrush and Alycia are a great team and have both supported each-other through tough times.

According to Alycia, there is a special bond between herself and Classic Gold Rush, which is extremely hard to break. She is hoping to send a message to the outside world that nothing is impossible. She has received huge offers from interested buyers of Goldrush that she has turned down as"He doesn't owe her anything". 

Is Goldrush a 'Palomino' Horse, and what Does it Mean?

Yea Goldrush is a gorgeous palomino paint coloured horse. Palomino represents a unique gender color, which is found in horses only. It normally consists of a gold coat along with white mane and a tail. Palomino is produced through a genetic mechanism, as a result it is not one-hundred pure breeding. According to color breed registries, majority of the palomino horses has an equine coat color.

Unlike other horses, its unique color stands apart in a ring. It is one of the most sought right after the parade horses. These types of horses were extremely popular and appeared in several television shows and movies during 1940's and 1950's. Most of the people might be quite familiar with one of the most prominent palomino horses named 'Trigger'. It is deemed as one of the 'smartest horses in Hollywood movies'. The second best palomino was Mister Ed who had appeared in his personal TV show during later 60's. Palominos are broadly classified into three namely:

1. A light palomino:- The eyes and skin of this type of palomino is dark even though the horse is not a cremello.

2. The colors of a Classic Palomino are quite similar to that of a gold coin.

3. Darker gold palomino Normally the Palomino horses have either a yellow or a gold coat. It has a light cream color. These horses have a darker skin tone with brown eyes. 


Alycia Burton & ProHorse Australia


We were lucky enough to meet Alycia Burton when she was traveling Australia in 2017. The ProHorse team took a lesson with her, you can read more about her top tips here.