ProHorse Saddlery now offers 2-3 day Express Shipping to Sydney from our 2 local saddleries in Australia.You’d hardly be the first. In fact, as you likely don’t need to be told, there’s so many folks – both in Sydney and across Australia – who just love horses. Who can blame them? For one thing, with all the sun and open space and whatnot, Australia really does make the perfect place to raise a happy and healthy horse. For another, well, is there any domesticated animal quite as spirited and full of personality as the horse?

But getting back to the whole matter of saddleries in Sydney – another thing you almost certainly don’t need to be told is that there’s a whole lot of stuff you need to get your hands on if you’re to take proper care of your horse. And that hardly stops with feed and paddock space – heavens, no, you need tack. You know, equipment that’ll ensure that, when the fellow’s ridden, it’s a safe, smooth, steady experience for both the horse and the rider. And that’s not even getting into all the bits and bobs you’ll need if you plan to bring your steed into the big leagues, like racing or polo or the like.

You know all that, though. That’s why you’re looking for a Sydney saddlery right now. The problem, though, as you’ve likely encountered, is that there’s just so many options to choose from. We’ve only just talked about why Australia’s such a great place to raise a horse, after all; and of course, the result of this is that, all over the country – and especially in busy hubs like Sydney – there’s going to be thousands of folks vying for your attention in the very lucrative saddlery business. And if you make the wrong choice, well, you could well find you and your horse weighted down with inferior equipment. And inferior equipment, of course, leads to unsafe riders, unsafe horses, and a whole lot of money blown on frequent repairs and replacements.

So how, exactly, does one pick out the right Sydney saddlery for one’s particular needs? Well, you could, of course, visit every one of them, testing all Sydney Saddlery's goods on your steed until you find a brand that seems to come across as reliable. But really, you ought to do yourself a favour: skip all that, and just get your tack from ProHorse.

You might have heard of it before. ProHorse may be headquartered in Perth; but since it’s an online saddlery, its good are available to horse enthusiasts all across Australia. And thanks to its AfterPay system, you don’t even have to pay right away – get your goods, and pay later. That’s the magic of online shopping.

ProHorse was founded back in April of 2017 by a scandinavian duo with a profound passion for all things equestrian. Her goal was to create an online saddlery store that would ensure that everything horse fans of Australia could need at just a couple of clicks. And ProHorse does just that – from riding gear, to racing gear, to polo gear, to safety equipment, ProHorse ensures that everything you and your horse could need on the tack front is just a couple of clicks away, anytime and anywhere.

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