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More about Horse Air Transport


Can owners try horse air transportation? Our answer is Yes, absolutely! You can do horse air transport wherever you want as long as you have some budget (it's kinda expensive rather than transporting it via truck or trailers).

Some of the owners would like to experience their horse to have a very comfortable feeling during the trip. But it takes time to do horse air transport, it should be done maybe 1-2 weeks before the said date and it varies depending on the season. Horse racing season should be considered when thinking about choosing horse air transport.

First of all -  if you are going to try horse air transport, you need to prepare your passport with you as it still required to horse transportation.

You need to consider the baggage allowance for your horse. Yes! They are like human flights, each equine passenger has an allocated baggage allowance, by-weight - however, this includes the horse itself. The water and hay that the horse needs, bedding, water buckets, feed buckets, tack bags, rugs and any spare equipment that needs to be present during horse air transport.

You may also dress-up your horse some light rug (lightest as possible) for them to stay cool and comfortable throughout the trip. Most will wear some protective leg gear. Before the date of your trip, make sure to have a checklist so you won't miss anything for your horse air transport!