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Kids Jodhpurs

Kids Jodhpurs are form fitting, English riding pants. If your child is getting ready to start lessons, these are one of the first things you should add to their wardrobe. These specialty pants are designed with riders in mind. The seams are on the outside of the legs, helping to protect their legs from unnecessary rubbing and rashing. On the inside of the legs there’s patches of material, such as suede, to help protect them from chaffing and help them grip the saddle and avoid slippage while they ride. These riding pants are available in the classic beige or white, but they’re also available in a wide selection of other, fun colours and patterns. Jodhpurs come in front zipping and slide on styles, depending on what you’re looking for. They’re meant to worn with the shorter, ankle length paddock boots (also known as jodhpur boots) and have an elastic strap at the bottom of the pant leg to loop over the bottom of each foot to keep them from riding up. They also generally have belt loops so you can add a belt to complete the classic look for your child.


Kids jodhpurs are generally worn while in the hunter jumper ring and during other classes for things like walk-trot, pony classes and short stirrups. These pants are important to any kids riding experience. Generally being made out of spandex or lycra, they’re stretchy and flexible which allows for free, unrestricted movement and comfort. The tight fit also keeps the material from rubbing their legs while they work with or ride their horse to avoid causing chafing and other skin damage. They’re also built specifically for horseback riding and the rigors that entails. That means that you don’t have to worry about them coming apart at the seams after a couple riding sessions, like you might have to with other types of pants. Is your child taking lessons through the winter? There’s jodhpurs for that too. There are jodhpurs made specifically for those cold months. The winter variety are generally lined with fleece, microfleece or some other kind of super stretch material. That means they’ll help keep your child nice and toasty at every lesson while still allowing them all the stretch and freedom of the summer styles. When it comes time to pick out your child’s jodhpurs, let them help! Kids tend to be more willing to put on clothing they’ve picked out themselves. While you might prefer the classic beige pair, your child might prefer hot pink or cornflower blue. Letting them pick out their own makes the experience more fun for everyone involved! You don’t have to worry about your child’s color and pattern choices too much though! Although these are the best pants for even the youngest riders, once they’ve moved onto tall boots these are replaced with breeches. These pants are a vital part of every young riders kit! Choosing the right pair can be a challenge but it’ll make a world of difference to their riding experience.

 Here are some our best selling kids jodhpurs:

These pull on kids jodhpurs are made of a stretchy lycra blend, which is in line with the current 'active wear' breeches trends. A full gel seat keeps your child secure in the saddle, and gorgeous pink detailing makes them a best seller and a great present for any horse riding girl. Click here to view them in detail.
The below jodhpurs shapes after your childs leg, and can be used with both long or short horse riding boots. Also with a full gel seat for extra support. These jodhpurs are also suitable for showing because of their light beige colour. They can be viewed here.
If you want more options for colours, and a more traditional design, then these cotton lycra jodhpurs have been our best sellers for years. They feature a traditional full suede seat and are available in 6 colours. Read more about the here.