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Jodhpur Boots

As a horse rider you know how vitally important it is to have proper footwear. Riding in the wrong shoes can be dangerous and uncomfortable. Boots are compulsary in the show ring, and then the footwear is especially important, the wrong boots could easily ruin your ride and lose you points. You know you need the right boots, but how do you choose the perfect pair? Real leather or PVC? Both of these are attractive choices but to decide which material is right for you, let’s take a closer look at both!

Real Leather Jodhpur Boots

Leather Jodhpurs are the boots of choice for many people. They’re durable, comfortable and any minor damage can usually be repaired. The leather boots are generally what you want if you’re competing in an arena. Whether you’re jumping, barrel racing or competing in dressage, these boots are the most widely acceptable.


PVC Jodhpur Boots

These are by far the less expensive option between the two. They’re comfortable, waterproof and great for work and play. That said, these are often not accepted in competition. They’re usually shorter, pull on styles that work great for everything from mucking out stalls to going for a ride. While you would certainly be able to practice in these comfortable boots, you likely wouldn’t be allowed to wear then during a competition. Now that we know a little more about the material, what about the styles? There are more styles of riding boots than you might think!


Long Riding Boots

If you compete at all then you already know what these are! For those who don’t, these are the gold standard for competition boots. They’re knee high, stylish and look great in the ring.


Field Boots

This is another nice choice for a competition boot. Unlike the long riding boots, the field boots have lacing at the ankle. This little detail adds style and gives the wearer a little more “give” which tends to make them more comfortable. These are the generally the preference of show jumpers. The extra “give” helps with comfort when they have to shorten their stirrups for that optimal jumping position.

Dress Boots

Unlike the field boots, these ones don’t have any lacing. These are the boot of choice for most Dressage riders. These tall boots usually have high styling on the outside. This not only looks great, it also helps keep your leg in place while you ride.

Hunt Boots

These are similar to the dress boots. The most noticeable difference between the two is the cuff at the top of these. On a hunt boot there is cuff at the top that is usually brown/tan which offers a nice contrast.

Jodhpur/Paddock Boots

These are a short, ankle height boot that are great for everyday riding and working in the barn. These are usually quite comfortable and are often the boot of choice for young riders as they’re inexpensive and easy to pull on and off. Overall they’re a great choice for everyday riding wear.

When it comes to riding horses, the boots you wear define you as a rider. Take your time when considering what kind of boot to buy, you’re likely going to be wearing them for a long time so you want to make sure you buy the right pair!