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Hartley Saddlery


It’s easy for animal lovers to fall in love with horses as they are beautiful, gentle creatures. To care for them, horse lovers will have to provide a variety of equipment from blankets to worm tablets. To purchase this, equestrian owners turn to saddlery shops. We’re going to look at Hartley Saddlery to see what services are offered by this business.

Let’s start by examining the history of the business. Hartley Saddlery was first opened in 2012 and soon became a popular destination because of its quality products. Its owners are Kristie and Johan Nilsson, two friendly people who want to share their love of horses with the community. The business is located at 2264 on the Great Western Highway in Hartley. It is open between 10 o’clock am to 4 o’clock pm from Mondays to Fridays. On the weekends the business is closed. Alternatively, you can talk to one of the friendly staff members by telephone, simply call (02) 6355 2165. Now that we know a little more about this friendly, family owned business let’s look a little closer at the range of products that they stock.

Many businesses aimed at shop owners offer a wide range of products of services for horses, however this can make them inaccessible to members of the general public. This problem doesn’t occur with Hartley Saddlery. They focus primarily on clothing, offering high-quality clothes from well-known brands at affordable prices. This means that people who aren’t interested in horses can find something that they like at the shop. Horse lovers will also like the range of high-quality clothes, as caring for horses can be messy. The practical clothing options offered by Hartley Saddlery are designed for this kind of activity. Additionally, they also stock a variety of local wines, helping horse lovers relax after a stressful day. By having a dual focus on both the general public and the horse loving community, Hartley Saddlery sets itself apart from the various other horse shops.

They are also active on social media, with the Hartley Saddlery Facebook page being frequently updated with local news and events. By providing information that interests the equestrian community that can start discussions about important topics. They also regularly share images of gorgeous horses to brighten up everyone’s day.  Additionally, they use the page to alert customers to the latest products and specials available in store. While this discussion is largely to benefit horse owners, many people in the general public may also enjoy interacting with the vibrant online community fostered by Hartley Saddlery.

We’ve looked at Hartley Saddlery, a relatively young business that opened its doors seven years ago. Since then they’ve worked hard to build a business that serves horse lovers and the wider community alike, offering high-quality, practical clothing as well as excellent wine options. Because it caters to such a diverse audience, it’s likely that you will find something that you will like at Hartley Saddlery. So, pay a visit to Hartley Saddlery today and see the wide range of products for yourself.